Making furniture,
for a new era,
using recycled
reclaimed materials.

Helen & Joseph
Breathing new life into tired, old, tatty, redundant furniture we transform them with a passion and energy for re-use whilst carefully respecting their hidden and timely secrets.
Each item having its own story firmly embedded we lovingly re-work it’s imperfections, bumps and bruises using traditional techniques and a hint of quirky twists.
After careful consideration, consultation and deliberation, the final result could be a sympathetic restoration or a radically re-fashioned item for modern living, making each piece  highly desirable, snappily dressed and without a doubt, unique.

Meet the duo

We are highly conscientious about the world we live in, our environment and the role we all play to protect and maintain it,
recycling is fundamental to our ethos and the message we want to share.

Helen Stevenson BA(Hons)

Designer / Maker / Restorer

I have always loved designing and making and on leaving school I went on to college to study Art & Design and then on to Manchester Metropolitan University, Crewe and Alsager Faculty, gaining a Batchelor of Arts Honours degree in Craft - specialising in Wood, Metal and Textiles in 1995.

Joseph Soames

Designer & Cabinet Maker / Restorer

My interest in woodwork, all started with my parents taking me along to Arthur Johnsons on a Friday evening. Looking for furniture to restore, Dad would choose a small item for me and himself something bigger. I spent many hours in the garage with him, chatting away, listening to his gentle guidance. In my 20's, with more of life under my belt, I revisited woodworking and qualified as a Cabinet Maker. Here I am many years later smiling as I think of my Dad and thank him for giving me time.